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Fiercely ambitious. Unapologetically persistent. Extremely driven. Fully Unbounded.

For better (or worse) these qualities are the driving force behind everything you do. If lately it feels like you’re trying to claw your way out from under a pile of burn out, stress, hormones working against you to find success.. It’s time to stop feeling trapped between your goals and your health -and learn how to restore your body... while still keeping up with the demands of your life.

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A Life Without Ice-Cream And French Fries Is A Sad Life

Hi, I'm Daniela

A highly-competitive, travel obsessed, mother of three wonderful children, wife and board-certified health practitioner. I’m 45 years old and I'm hyper-passionate about helping driven, ambitious women take back their bodies and energy so that they never again feel like they have to choose between achieving their goals and maintaining their health.

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Daniela Gattel MS NBC MHC CSNC

Daniela Gattel Health Coach

Ready to tell your self-sabotaging mind who is the boss?

At midlife, you will put on more body fat. As ovarian production of estradiol (a type of estrogen) shuts down, our body relies on our adipose (fat) tissue (along with a few other types of tissue) to produce similar hormones. We actually need that extra bump in our rump to keep us healthy as we age. While having enough body fat will maintain hormonal health, too much body fat increases our risk of estrogen-dependent cancers (e.g. ovarian and breast cancer) as well as other metabolic diseases. Let me help you reverse some or all the belly fat with a FREE 7-Day Peri & Menopause Meal Pla

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Are you crunched on time and must meet a weight loss deadline?

If you are crunched on time and those last 20-30 lbs seem not to want to come off then The TN Method Bootcamp is the answer you are looking for. 

The TN Method is for women who are looking forward to lose their last layer, those last 20-30 lbs that seem to stuck with you no matter what you do or that they are after cutting 3-7% body fat!

I have 20-30lbs to lose and I'm willing to do whatever it takes

Did you know you can learn how to heal your hormones?

Yes, that's right! You can learn to heal your hormones, get healthier, increase your energy, lose inches.

I’ve got a free spot with your name on it at my Heal Your Hormones, Master Your Metabolism For Lasting Weight Loss Success Masterclass. If you want to understand the missing piece in the controversial weight-loss and wellness advice world, unlock your weight loss potential, achieve metabolic flexibility and control the stress-fat – this is a course you must take. 

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It’s time women start saying no to the diets, the cleanses, and the food deprivation

Under-eating and over-exercising keep you stuck in a vicious cycle that will damage your metabolism and will make weight loss harder. I'd love to gift you a free spot inside my Top 5 Secrets To Get Better Results In Less Time. During this 5-day course you'll discover what has been holding you back from achieving the body you want and what you can do to get there faster.


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It ain’t your motivation – it’s your habits, and your hormones, and not is time to take the power back.

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